It's all in the mind.

Is this the year that clusters of Intel Corp.-based servers start populating corporate sites? Not likely, despite the pending release of Microsoft Corp.’s Wolfpack software for Windows NT.

Beginning this spring, several server and storage manufacturers will release cluster-ready systems based on Wolfpack, which will deliver high-availability features between two server nodes.

But IT managers probably won’t sink their teeth into Wolfpack until 1998. The reasons? Many sites are still kicking the tires on NT as a mission-critical operating system and certainly aren’t willing to bet their businesses on a first-generation product such as Wolfpack. Secondly, customers have other options for adding high-availability features to their network servers. And finally, many sites haven’t been able to sift through all the hype about clustering technology to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment.

“Right now we don’t know a lot about clustering and the benefits it gives us,” said Dan Hendrickson,

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