It's all in the mind.

(Apple Network Servers were a short-lived technology, but the geeks that still have them swear by them.)

Apple’s Network Servers are aimed at corporate users who want the power and flexibility of Unix without the grief of the power and flexibility of Unix. The Network Server hits this target and is also worth a look for those expanding an installed base of AIX or other Unix systems.

The Network Server comes in two different models, Network Server 500 and Network Server 700, with several configurations of each. I tested the Network Server 700/200, with a 200-MHz PowerPC 604, 64MB of RAM, two 4GB disks, and an eight-speed CD-ROM. Weighing in at a cool $18,367, this machine is not for everyone, but Apple offers a variety of configurations starting at about $9,768 for the Network Server 500/132, a 132-MHz version with fewer expansion options.

Classic look!

Both the 500 and the

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