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Currently the company is modularizing the HP-UX kernel so that pieces of 64-bit technology can be phased in over time. Due in midyear, Version 11.0 will have full 64-bit capabilities, support for large file sizes and large file systems, and the capability to address larger physical and virtual memory in excess of 4GB, officials said.

“Having 64-bit capabilities is essential for large database performance,” said Chris Le Tocq, a Dataquest analyst, in San Jose, Calif. “The 64-bit address space allows you to put most of the database in memory, maximizing performance.”

Meanwhile, HP is extending another partnership — with Informix –to allow users to deploy HP servers as database-driven Web sites. In July, HP will bundle Informix database and Web-related software with its Domain Enterprise XE RISC Unix servers.

The primary Informix component in the bundling is the new Informix-Universal Server object-relational database, due on the HP RISC Unix platform on April 1. Other components include Universal Web Connect, for connecting the database to a Web server; the Informix Web DataBlade, which is a set of application development tools; and the Text DataBlade, for performing text and content search on a Web site. Also featured are Web Application Templates, including a corporate data repository and Cyberzine solution for posting informational articles on Web sites.

“This is an aggressive move by HP; [this] is traditionally not the way they’ve been,” said Allen Bonde, director of Internet computing strategies at the Yankee Group market research company, in Boston.

Because the deal is not exclusive, Informix hopes to make similar agreements with other major RISC hardware vendors.

An Internet solutions developer selling Informix products said the arrangement likely is intended to boost what he described as a meager Internet profile for HP.

“With what we’re doing, HP does not enter into the picture,” said Seth Grimes, director of server technologies at Magnet Interactive Communications, in Washington.

HP’s Domain Enterprise offering includes Domain RISC servers and Domain Business Suite software, which comes with Netscape SuiteSpot Web server, HP OpenMail electronic mail, and HP OpenView-based management software. Hardware products range from the Model B132, priced at $7,995, to the K460, with a base price of $85,000. Informix will charge $2,700 per user for its software components; HP has not set prices for its software.

The systems use the PA-7200LC processor and can be upgraded to the 64-bit PA-8000.

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